Importance of crack detection for A05 slurry pump parts

2022-05-30 09:20:13

Importance of crack detection for A05 slurry pump parts

Crack detection is detecting cracks or defects in metal materials or components.

Common detection methods include: X-ray crack detection, ultrasonic crack detection, magnetic particle crack detection, eddy current crack detection γ Radiographic inspection, penetrant inspection (fluorescent inspection, dye detection) and other physical inspection methods.

Inspection scope:

1. Lumen examination. Check the surface for cracks, peeling, pulling wires, scratches, pits, bulges, spots, corrosion and other defects.

2. Superfluous material inspection. Check the product cavity for residual internal debris, foreign objects and other residues.26th, May, 2022, the Customers went to our castings rooms to check the gravel pump casing. 

The customer tested the castings chemical composition, hardness and other indicators of the slurry pump parts.They are very satisfied with the quality of our products.

But before signing the contact, they asked to do the crack detection.Because the defects inside the casting  can’t be found from the casting surface. As we know, the air holes and cracks will reduce the A05 slurry pump parts servide life.

-The video shows the technician is doing crack detection.-

After the customer's inspection, it is proved that our gravel pump casing has no air holes or cracks, and the quality is very good.

The technicians said that these the best A05 slurry pumps parts that he had seen, and the customer orders 10 sets of 10/8S-GH slurry pumps parts right now.

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