How to make the best use of Slurry Pump ?

2022-04-28 15:07:27

How to make the best use of  Slurry Pump ?

Throughout a mining operation, slurry pumps are critical to the efficient delivery of slurry throughout the plant. Their operating costs are a significant component of the overall lifecycle cost, estimated at approximately 32%. Therefore, any failure of a slurry pump can bring your project to a halt.
Although slurry pumps are an essential aspect of a mine, it is relatively common to find pumps operating inefficiently or in a manner that reduces the life of the equipment. Improving the efficiency of slurry pumps requires not only the correct pump specification and selection, but also ensuring they operate correctly over time.

How to make the best use of Slurry Pump ?

How to handle slurry in demanding applications
These pumps are required to deliver large volumes of slurry consisting of minerals and particles suspended in fluid to mineral extraction processing plants. Therefore, slurry pumps must be able to handle abrasive solids in the slurry and, in some cases, corrosive fluids.
Mud pumps typically operate 24/7 around the clock, and if they are not suitable for a particular application, this usually results in a shortened wear life of the wetted parts. Any failure in slurry pumping inefficiencies can have a significant impact on the entire plant and project, which in turn can affect the overall profitability of the mining operation.
To optimize slurry pump efficiency, it is recommended that
✱ Specify and select the right pumps and other equipment for your application.
✱ Ensure that the pump is operating at optimum efficiency point (BEP) flow.
✱ Monitor and maintain regularly to prevent any unplanned downtime, performance degradation, or inefficiencies.
Centrifugal pumps as slurry pumps?
Centrifugal pumps are common in mines because these pumps can handle solid particles ranging from microscopic sizes to large rocks.
For most centrifugal slurry pumps, the casing can be either unlined or lined with a replaceable liner - in most cases, these are the impeller, worm gear and liner. You can find out more about Longteng Machinery slurry pumps here.
Volumetric pumps as slurry pumps?
Positive displacement pumps are often used in mines to pump very long pipes because they can generate high pressures - more than the capacity of multi-stage centrifugal pumps. In most cases, a positive displacement pump will be installed when conveying slurries containing high concentrations of fine particles.
When selecting a slurry pump, the slurry itself requires consideration of the following key parameters.
✱ particle size, shape (angular, round, elongated) and hardness
✱ Corrosiveness
✱ Chemical compatibility with elastomers
✱ Solids concentration
✱Likelihood of it drying out

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