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warman pump bearing assembly

Bearing AssemblyDiagram 004 & 005

Before assembling, pre-heat the inner race of the bearing to a temperature below 120. The inner race must be fixed next to the shaft shoulder or grease retainer. For double row taper roller bearing, the inner ring, outer ring, and lantern ring comes in a set, please do not interchange the components.

For bearing assemblies of Type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, single row roller bearing is used. Axial space is ensured by adjusting the gasket at the bearing end cover. The axial space should follow the following table:

pump bearing assembly

For bearing assembly with type R, S, ST, T, TU, U, the pump uses double row roller bearing on the sides of the shaft. The bearing itself has ensured axial space, thus there is no need for further adjustment. When assembling bearing, a moderate amount of lubricant should be added. Labyrinth ring and labyrinth sleeve is adopted at seal cover end.

When assembling bearings, a moderate amount of lubricant should be added. Labyrinth and piston ring are adopted at end cover seal. Please arrange the gaps on the labyrinth rings such that they are not in the same angular position.

2# or 3# lithium-based grease is recommended for shaft lubrication. When installing, the recommended amount of lubricant can be read from the following table:

slurry pump bearing assembly

warman pump bearing assembly

pump bearing assembly

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