Slurry pumps & metal parts manufacturing process

Slurry pumps & metal parts manufacturing process

Firstly, we should know what’s the main parts of the slurry pump;

I, Horizontal slurry pump parts can be roughly divided into: slurry pump flow parts (wet end parts) , slurry pump bracket  (frame or support) and cover plate & frame plate.

Slurry pump bracket: made from HT200, technical requirements is not high,and they are not spare parts.

There are some standard parts.Such as bearings, screws, bolts, oil plug, ring-pull, belt, pulley, coupling, flanges, gaskets, o-rings, mechanical seals, packing, nozzle, etc., usually are purchased by slurry pump manufacturers.

The base of the slurry pump generally is made of iron plate,according to the pump with motor sizes , or make castings accordancing to the drawings.

Slurry pump casings protect the wet end parts but the casings are not spare parts.

So what’s slurry pump spare parts? Housing, Impeller, Throat-bushing, and FPLI.

The wet end parts are important compent to the slurry pump. Which diectly transport slurry ,and wear down seriously.We need to replace the wet end parts frequently.

II,The parts of submerged slurry pump are composed of wet end parts ,frame, board, motor and other accessories.The main parts are that we call wet end parts. There is only different from the horizontal slurry pump on shapes . We should expound in details later.

Secondly, introduce the slurry pump wet end parts  production process in detailsI,  casting.

molding (quartz sand, resin, curing agent),

smelting, (melt, then test before furnace and  reach standard material); 

A, mold treatment, clean,check and fix the mold.

B, Make the molding.Simply, make a molding by resin sand or other materials.

C,Preparation before casting.Put the molding into the mold for shaping,after that, brush and fix.


When the furnace reach the certain temperature,take out of a small piece of casting  for testing the mateirals content.

If the testing reach the materials requirement standard, inject the molten steel into the finished molding from a riser. 

II,Forming  Take out the solidfication for forming of hot molten metal,and clean up.

III,Litter cleaning   Clean and polish the finished castings.

IV, Heat treatment (Normalizing: increasing the hardness of the rough casting parts, which change crystalline structure, increase the wear resistance properties, Annealing: softening rough casting parts, mainly used in the production process of slurry pump impeller, make annealing before machining the turnbuckle, then make normalizing to recrease hardness, Tempering, make the material  distribution of the casting parts  is more homogeneous, so that the parts has more flexibility ,wear-resisting and  corrosion resistance)

First heat treatment, annealing:after litter cleaning process , the product is fragile, and  the annealing treatment is necassary. Heat the parts to a certain temperature and keep it for some time.Make the hardness less than 40HRC. It is convenient or machining and drilling;

A,Machining process.

After the the first  heat treatmen. In order to match with other parts for assembly.

We machine carefully the rough parts  according to drawings.

At the same time, checking size is necessary for avoiding not to install or reduction of service life.

There is dynamic balance and static balance testing for slurry pump impeller.In order to make the overall structure of the impeller reducing occurrence of vibration.

B,Heat treatment for second time.

Normalizing treatment of slurry pump parts,increase the hardness up to standard requirements

C.Heat treatment for third time

Tempering of slurry pump parts, change parts internal crystal structure.

V,Painting and oil processing

After the above processings,  painting  is to use antirust paint to pretect  slurry pump parts during the deposit and transportation t.Oil brushing  is in order to make the smooth surface corrosion as well as more compact in the assembly process.

The above processes are finished ,if the customer only ask for parts,we shall deliver the goods according to the order. If you need the whole pump, requires further operations.

A.Assembly: pumps will be installed in accordance with the steps and accessories size. If only purchase flow components,there  is not assembly. In the late age slurry pump working, is mainly to replace slurry pump wet end parts, the rest in the case of normal use and general maintenance replace once a year.


The finished pump will carry on  pressure test, leakage test and coordinate test.To check the assembly quality of slurry pump to ensure that pump run more reliable .

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